MIRROR of The Soul

Mirror of the soul

Mirror of the soul

Grief is an interesting journey. As I struggled with my grief,  I found myself attempting to discover myself once again. In this poem, I am examining who I was.  I felt so different now that I was completely on my own once again.

MIRROR of the Soul

She stares in the mirror
Questioning who’s there?
Where is the girl
With the light flaxen hair?

She now sees a woman
Now gray seeming old
The light in her eyes
Has now grown cold

The pain in her heart
Reflects on her face
She yearns to be
In a very different place

Her loved one’s departed
Her life is destroyed
She sits by her window
All alone in the void

But deep down inside
Burns the fire of life
Of the flaxen haired beauty
Who was more than a wife

Her loneliness and loss
One cannot deny
But that fire will inspire her
To smile more than cry.


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