After I lost my husband, I found myself struggling on a daily basis attempting to place things into perspective. In this poem, I have attempted to describe some of the feelings I had experienced when he first passed.


I gather the fragments of my shattered life
Shades ranging from pale to deep blue
I trace my finger around the pieces ’til I see
The portrait of my life here with you

Arranging the pieces one by one
Into a picture that will make sense
They form a mosaic of our wonderful life
A reflection of a love so intense

The crystalline pieces craft a pattern so bold
One of love, of hope and of tears
A portrait of passion, ecstasy and joy
That we shared throughout the years

Our colorful past is our palette of life
Bright colors representing our glee
Pastels and soft colors speak of our bliss
And the love you bestowed upon me

Pink is our love as it blossomed in Spring
Purple’s for the passion we shared
Bright yellow is sunshine that filled our lives
Demonstrating how deeply we cared

Rose is for happiness we felt each day
And orange for exquisite joy
Green is for envy by all who watched
As we flaunted our love like a toy

As angry clouds eclipse the sun above
The prophecy’s not clear to me
The kaleidoscope of colors change once again
Predicting all that is NOT meant to be

The colors have darkened to deeper shades
Crimson screams for you to get well
Slate is for shock and black is for fear
Red is anger at the bell’s FINAL knell

The shadowy pieces tumble onto the floor
In a myriad of darkening hues
Grey is for bleak days when I am alone
While my heart overflows with deep blues

Our beautiful mosaic now lies at my feet
Of days gone too quickly by
An aura of tear drops form the image I see
A vision to make angels cry


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