God’s Plan

I only began to accept my loss after I gave thought as to why God needed my husband more than I.  After writing this poem, it finally all seemed to make sense and acceptance was right around the corner.



 God shuddered with anger
As HE stared down below
What have I done?
HE demanded to know 

The floods, the famine
Only pain and no mirth
HE witnessed the Hell
Of the suffering on Earth

So God made a plan
As we always knew
To pick out the best
For HIS Angels to cue

HE chose only the best
Both young and so old
To enter HIS Heaven
In numbers untold

Your Father, his daughter
Her Mom , my Husband
Were carefully picked
By GOD’s Holy hand

These special angels
Have great works to do
To help God assist us
To create life anew

There will be no more pain
No destruction of lives
His Angels will help HIM
Making sure all survives

Your father’s an angel
In GOD’s special band
Looking over you always
Protecting your hand
Composed by RP and dedicated to Sister Lisa who lost her loving Dad today.


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