Welcome to my world!

I have been encouraged by so many to share my love of poetry and my own personal poems. This is my first attempt at blogging so please be gentle with me.

This is a poem I wrote which expresses embracing grief, transitioning toward a new life!

Winter scene


The aura of autumn grows suddenly dim
As wintry winds howl through the night.
Tumultuous clouds threaten overhead
As my aching heart yearns to take flight.

Will the sparkling skirts of a winters day
Alter this landscape so bleak?
As helplessness fills my empty soul
A snowflake melts on my cheek.

The gloom of transitioning Autumn
Swiftly changes to joy that I know,
As sunlight streams through angry clouds
Casting diamonds in the snow.
The  landscape that surrounds me
Is dazzling with crystals of light,
Offering new hope to my broken life
I am captivated by the sight.


2 thoughts on “Welcome to my world!

  1. A lovely beginning! Thank you for allowing us see a small glimpse into your soul! I hope the blog will help many find healing and consolation in their suffering. God bless!

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